School Try believes in the best service that every student deserves during their education. School try is working with the mission to power education with unified technology in order to help the educators and students to realize their potential, in their way, according to their education-flow. From back office to classrooms to homes, School Try helps schools to manage different activities including leaves, grade, attendance, document management, check management, and assessments. To this date, School Try is proud to be the leading provider of efficient education application technology supporting over 15 million students in various states Africa. School Try is starting the first ever web-based student information system for schools in Africa with the vision of establishing a Unified Classroom platform. At School Try, we have a history of offering leading education oriented services, and we are pleased to be delivering industry-first unified solutions that break down the technology barrier for schools. School Try is pleased to deliver a complete set of tools to unlock student and teacher potential. Our team of talented professionals offers customized school websites and applications to support your eduction-oriented requirements. Let us make you stand out from the other schools in your district and let you offer your students with the best learning techniques.  

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Decentralized Information

Our product will make the information decentralized and will make it easy for the different audience base (including teachers, students, and parents) to gain access to the information.


Intuitive User Interface

The intuitive flow of the website and application will make it easy and interesting for the users (including teachers, parents, and students) to use the products offered by School Try.


Post Implementation Support

Don’t worry we won’t forget you after delivering the product to you. We offer the post-implementation supports and services to keep you running. You can rely on us!


Updated Targeted Audience

The User will stay updated with the current events happening in the school and it will remove the overhead of putting up notices on the notice board and writing diary notes from teachers.


Budget Friendly

School Try promises to serve you with the best available services within your budget. Moreover, we also offer flexible project budgets to deliver the best we can!


We Stretch Beyond

School Try is moving forward with the innovation and trying to enhance lives. We promote self-esteem by delivering future-ready products. We constantly push the Limitations of technology and innovation because we believe there is no end for us. It’s a life-long process for us and innovation is inevitable. We try to encourage learning and development globally to increase the prosperity and knowledge in our community. We encourage our clients/customers to expect more from us so that we work perpetually to reach their expectations. We work hard and try delivering the ideal solutions to help the schools to stretch beyond and push limits, and ultimately reach their goals.

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