6 Surprising Benefits Of Technology Integration In Education Sphere

Icon 04-Apr-2019

Technology is evolving in the world we live in. And, education is one of the most prime areas where its impact is significant. Today, technology is not only changing the way students learn but also the way professors teach. The good news is, it's a great change. Integrating technology in the education sphere can provide surprising benefits to both students and teachers. Curious to know what those benefits are? Keep reading to know the details!

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5 Reasons Why a Virtual Classroom Is Better Than Physical Classrooms

Icon 11-Sep-2020

5 Reasons Why a Virtual Classroom Is Better Than Physical Classrooms. A classroom is more than what we think it is, here’s another way to look at a classroom. This is what Wiki has to say about a classroom. if you missed our last post on “5 Hacks to Resuming School Post Lock down” click […]

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5 Hacks to Resuming School Post Lockdown

Icon 05-Sep-2020

5 Hacks to Resuming School Post Lockdown. The novel corona virus has opened a new phase to the way education has been viewed by many. Lessons that we have learnt from the effect of the pandemic is going to linger for a while. Out of all schools and academic sectors that have been forced into […]

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5 Hacks Of Schooltry App you never knew existed

Icon 04-Oct-2020
5 Hacks Of Schooltry App you never

5 Hacks Of Schooltry App you never knew existed Schooltry App is currently used by over A hundred Thousand schools across Africa. The App is developed to accommodate parents, students and teachers simultaneously. Learning about various hacks on the App will simply enhance how you navigate and make use of the app in real time. […]

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Icon 30-Dec-2021

#NOTOBULLYING WEBINAR REVIEW AND PRESENTATION. Bullying is a burning topic and effect in every phase of the Nigeria and the world’s education system and societal structure. It’s with this effect that SchoolTry in partnership with NAPPS recently organized a very massive webinar for school owners across Nigeria and the world to come together and examine […]

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