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SchoolTry as an Investment

SchoolTry (HQ, Stockholm, Sweden) creates sustainable choices for the needs of schools, teachers, parents and students. Our advanced features of school software management products and services allow schools to reduce inefficiencies associated with paper-based administration processes.

We achieve this by providing an end-to-end digital value chain in the education sector, such as online assignment, automated student performance monitoring and complete parent-student engagement as well as tailor-made solutions for different school needs.Our product is highly rated by our valued users.

SchoolTry as an Investment

Together with our partners, we want to bring forth digital solutions that drive education in Africa towards a fully digitalized future. Creating an efficient learning environment and school management software for all schools, teachers, parents, and students, to be connected and share information anywhere, at any time.

SchoolTry actively associates its brand and contributes to causes that share our goals and values: We care about digitalized education delivery; we have the courage to take on the task of transforming Africa and we cooperate with those willing to work towards the same goals. Sponsorships, community support, marketing co-operations, and other contributions we make are based on the company’s strategy and its global operations.

We engage with several communities, associations, and institutions, supporting their work for the public good. Research and development activities play an important role in our businesses, which is why they are also seen as worthy of support. Marketing co-operations provide a way to fight against deficiency of access to education in some remote areas e.g. in many rural parts of Africa and drive a circular economy by creating new innovative solutions and educative services together with our partners. Sponsoring co-operations communicates our global concepts and common values, and strengthens our stakeholder relationships and loyalty.

Currently, we are providing free access to the SchoolTry EdTech Platform to our partners due to the covid-19 global pandemic for continuous learning and school management among schools, teachers, parents, and students.

Please note that we carefully select our co-operation targets to fit our objective. Consistent with SchoolTry’s high ethical standards, it is our policy to be transparent with regard to our contributions and to ensure that there is no misuse or corrupt purposes related to any donations or sponsorships. In line with our principles, political and religious movements cannot be among the recipients of our sponsorship support.

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